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Our Philosophy and

Puppy Imprint Program

​Imprinting Starts at Day 3 with Neurological Stimulation and we continue imprinting until your puppy goes home. 

What makes us different?

In-home training one litter at a time!!

Imprinting Makes A Difference. 

The Importance

We understand that proper training methods are paramount when training a puppy. We only use positive reinforcement methods, and the results have proven to be incredibly successful. A large part of puppy training is having an intuitive trainer who totally understands a dog’s language of communication. Once a trainer understands this, it becomes second nature to develop our precious puppies into well behaved, well trained and well balanced Goldendoodles.  Our puppies start with an amazing foundation for their new owners to build on. We start this process from the moment the puppy is born. We know puppies grow and develop at a rapid rate. Each week puppies change, and it is so important to make sure we teach, train and provide positive learning opportunities. Our puppies are confident, loving and easily trained because we start the process for you. 

What is our Puppy Imprint Program

Through our years of experience, we have learned so much about training and what works best for both the owner and the puppy. Many trainers who offer training simply come to your house once or twice a week for an hour long session to work with you and the puppy. At Goldendoodlelou, the puppies in the imprint program live in our home 24/7 for the entire length of the program. This gives the puppy the best start to life because they are living in an environment which mimics real life. They are under the direction of a trainer who understands the goldendoodle dog behavior and goldendoodle dog training.

Our imprint training is a 16 week program. We came up with the 16 week program after years of training and understanding the goldendoodle breed. Many people ask us why it needs to be so long. So why not a 4 or 8 week program. We found with the shorter term training, puppy owners do not get the reinforced behavior they expect. When we have the puppy for the entire 16 weeks, we are able to have their behaviors well established and they will be further along in the house training (pretty much 100% house trained). If we see a need for a couple additional weeks on house training we will contact you and extend the program. (not necessary for most goldendoodle puppies) Research shows 16 weeks is the optimal timeframe. Although this is optimal we will work with each client based on their needs. We do offer a two week fundamental training from age 8 weeks to 10 weeks. This program just helps parents get started with basic commands and socialization.

How we select our puppies for the puppy imprint training program?

When a Goldendoodle puppy is chosen for the puppy imprint training program, we help select the puppy. Many people ask how we determine which puppies are the best. We believe we condition all of our puppies to be the best. We do know what a puppy will look like as an adult, and we will have a good idea of what temperament they will have.

We select the puppies for the training based on the puppy who exhibits the following:

perfect coat type

the best looks

the best temperament for your lifestyle

Goldendoodlelou puppies are amazing puppies for sure! 

What do the trainers teach the puppy during Puppy Imprint Training?

First of all your puppy lives in our home 24/7 which means your puppy is learning and growing 24/7. You won't find a comparable training program. 


House training

We work tirelessly to ensure your puppy comes to your home without making messes in the house. While every puppy learns at a different pace, the puppies are typically housetrained by the end of 16 weeks. Clients are always enthused with the fact that they don’t need to worry about all the messes that come with an untrained eight week old puppy.

Crate training

We use the crate training method to house train the puppies. This is a very effective way to house train a puppy and it also teaches them not be anxious when they need to be confined. Most puppies actually end up enjoying the crate; it ends up being their den that they go to for sleeping even during the day. We use lots of positive reinforcement and our puppies run to their crates when we ask them to kennel up.

Leash Training

I see so many dogs walking down the streets who are completely out of control. This is because proper leash training was never instilled in the puppy at a young age. We work with your puppy to create good leash manners. This is highly important to imprint at an early stage.


“Sit” is a command that is so important. When a dog has a good sit, you are able to control excitable behavior. This is such a valuable tool and sets your dog up for success when they have learned the sit command well.


The stay position is important to learn as a young puppy. It teaches self restraint even when unsupervised. A good stay is important because it gives you complete control of the dog without using force.


A good recall is important when you are wanting the dog to return to your side after a run in the back yard or at the off leash park. There is nothing more frustrating than a dog who will not come back when called. We work hard to make sure the puppies have a good recall. This will need continual reinforcement until the dog becomes an adult. This command is essential and makes life so much easier for both to puppy and the owner.


A dog who doesn’t know the down position will often tend to be an annoyance to the owner and to visitors coming over to your house. It is always important to teach your dog to stay down/off of other humans and our trainers give your dog an excellent foundation in this area.

*Keep in mind the importance of continuing on with the training instilled into these puppies to ensure you have success into the future.

Do your trained Goldendoodle puppies transition well to their new owners after the training is completed?

The answer is yes! We do an amazing job of socializing the puppies to ensure they are well acclimated to entering new surroundings. We do a fantastic job of making sure you know everything about the puppy you have selected and they will help you make the transition an easy one. We get to know you and get a feel for what your home-life is like, this makes the transition much easier.

Puppies who have been imprinted learn quickly and the program sets them up for life.

When you pick up your trained puppy, We will spend as much time as you need to make sure you are totally comfortable and ready to take your puppy home. If you are prepared and know the puppy’s current routine at the time you take your puppy home, the transition should be almost seamless.

What to expect from Goldendoodlelou?

Communication is the key to our program.

When you reserve a trained puppy from Goldendoodlelou, we understand the need for communication.  We give you a weekly update on your puppy’s progress. We will either text, call or email you with updates. If you live in the area, you are welcome to come for visits during the training process as well.

Lots of helpful information

We understand that many people who want to use our puppy imprint training program are not familiar with training a dog and so we make sure you are educated and know all the ins and outs of training and can answer any questions you have when your puppy is transitioned to your home.

Lifetime trainer support

Our commitment to you is to offer lifetime support to anyone who purchases a trained puppy from us. You are free to contact us anytime for advice and direction. If you have any questions we are here to help. We truly want everyone of our puppies and puppy owners to be happy with their new family member.

Should I pay for the extra training?

Everyone’s circumstances in life are different. While many can manage the training themselves, there are others who find this service very supportive. Many families are too busy to spend the countless hours to imprint positive behaviors on their puppy. Goldendoodlelou supports puppies and families!


Few questions to ask yourself:

Will I have the time to properly train a new puppy?

Am I able to commit to the extra time it will take to go to puppy classes?

Am I willing to spend the countless hours potty training and crate training. Can I make potty training and crate training a positive experience?

Am I able to commit to the extra cost of having a puppy trained through the puppy imprint program.

If I do decide to train the puppy myself, will I stay true to my decision in order to set my puppy up for success and becoming a good canine citizen?

Will training the puppy myself only cause my family to stress out and become overwhelmed?

Many people are fully capable to train their own puppy however, they just don’t have the time it takes to properly train their new puppy. The Goldendoodlelou puppy imprint training program sets us apart from other breeding/training programs. One on one in home, positive reinforcement development of puppies from birth to four months! Time, Commitment and Dedication! 


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