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Potty Training Your Goldendoodle

Patience and Persistence

8 weeks of hard work and your potty training job is done!

First of all I never take my eye off of my Goldendoodle puppy during the first four months. I know exactly what he/she is doing and I figure out his/her schedule and cues. If I cannot watch the puppy then he/she goes in her crate. Puppies do not let you know when they have to go outside, but they do give you signals. I am always proactive and work for no accidents. If the puppy has an accident, I forgive myself, and start over. I will take the puppy out every hour or so, and I always take the puppy out the same door. I use the same command; “outside, outside”. We go outside and I continue to say outside so she knows the word.


We always go to the same potty spot, and I say the same word over and over; “go potty, go potty” when he/she goes to the bathroom, I say, “good girl” and pet the puppy, always giving lots of praise. I then give the command inside, saying the word; “inside, inside” The puppy now knows 3 words. YEA!!!

Monitor Water and Food Intake. Depending on the weather, and play time, I decide when the puppy gets to drink. She always has water in the morning, afternoon, and evening. I do not give any water after 7:00 pm. If she drinks a lot of water, I will take her out a couple of times, it seems like when she drinks a lot I must let her go to the bathroom once, and then again I take her out 20 to 25 minutes later. If the puppy does not go to the bathroom, and I am fairly sure the puppy needs to go, then I will walk around the yard for 10 minutes or so giving the potty command. If I have no results I say “inside, inside” and we go back inside.


IMPORTANT: At this point, I either hold the puppy, my kids hold the puppy, the puppy goes in the crate, or I follow the puppy around, so I can catch the puppy if she tries to go inside. If the puppy starts squirming in my kids arms that is a signal to go back outside. Every day I do not have an accident is one day closer to being 100% potty trained. I set my goal every morning and persistently work on potty training all day.




The idea is teach your goldendoodle puppy the place you want him to go, and take him to the same place each time you go outside. Always use the same door so he knows what door to go to. Watch your goldendoodle puppy when he comes inside, it is easy to train him when you catch him in the act. If you do not catch him then it is too late to teach him, so you will have to wait until the next opportunity. My philosophy is to be preventative initially, and it will pay off in the end. So, the first few weeks keep your eye on him 100% of the time or put him in the kennel. Just some tips on when he might need to go:


Goldendoodle Puppy Potty Training Reminders

  • Before and after she is in his crate

  • After she wakes up from a nap

  • If she is smelling or circling

  • After she eats – (estimate of 20 minutes after)

  • After she drinks – (estimate of 10 - 20 minutes after)

  • Before she goes to bed at night and first thing in the morning


Always give her the opportunity to go to the bathroom before she goes in her kennel.


  • Remember the better the dog food the less stool the puppy will have. (High quality food produces less waste and more food absorption which gives less stool.)

  • Always praise for good behavior!

  • If you have any issues after the first two weeks contact me so we can problem solve.



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