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We have been working and studying the Goldendoodle breed for over fifteen years and have had a number of doodles in which we have trained and placed in fabulous homes. Yes, we have many references, just ask. We believe Goldendoodles have so many great attributes. They are low to no shedding, they are super smart and are ranked at the top for intelligence, along with this they have a healthy vigor. They are often used as therapy and service dogs because of their super personalities. They come in a variety of sizes, colors and coat styles. We just couldn’t ask for anything more! We decided to breed because we are Goldendoodle fanatics. We want to share our love for the breed with others families by producing an amazing, healthy, happy puppy. Our puppies are born and raised in our home. We work with our puppies on a daily basis, so they will become your perfect family pet, therapy dog or even service dog. Some of the many tasks we do to help in the development of our puppies is first and foremost make sure their mom is comfortable and confident. She needs to be able to give 100 percent to the development of her babies. We feel so lucky to get to help her! We are at her beck and call through the delivery and the beginning stages of development. We help puppies become adjusted to with lots of daily household noises, provide stimulating activities, and work on potty training. Yes, puppies can work on potty training prior to going to their forever family. We also have a great understanding of our puppy’s temperament, so you will have a better understanding of your new family member. We stand behind our puppies and want them to be successful in their forever home. We track each on of our puppies to make sure they are meeting our standards in both genetics and temperaments.

We can promise, and our references will tell you we spend a considerable amount of time working and playing with our puppies. They are in a clean environment, and therefore want to remain in a clean environment. This makes potty training easier for you. Their parents have been genetic tested and selected based on personality. Moms who are calm and confident produce babies who are calm and confident. There are so many good and bad breeders; I am a firm believer you truly need to make sure your puppy is coming from a healthy, loving environment. I promise you will have a puppy who is easier to train, and well-adjusted, so please do your research!

Contact us today about reserving your Goldendoodle Puppy or Trained Puppy! Two puppies per litter will be reserved for training

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