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Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Potty Training: Potty training a Goldendoodle generally speaking just takes time and patience. If you develop consistent habits, and use positive reinforcement your puppy will be potty trained by 4 months tops. Remember when you bring your puppy home limit her to the kitchen and family area. She does not need to go in the basement, or kids bedrooms. She should earn privileges' to areas of your home. Privileges usually happen at the 6 month mark. Look at my potty training tips for more information.

Exercising My Goldendoodle: Exercise can be challenging for some families. It is important your puppy gets to play and experience life at a young age. Remember to check with your vet to see when your puppy is ready for long walk/runs. Goldendoodle puppies need their bones to develop before going for the long walks/runs. Goldendoodle puppies need to get a 10-minute walk three times a day. Some puppies won’t even be able to sustain a 10-minute walk, so make sure you are analyzing your puppies body language. You will gradually increase your walk time as the puppy grows and develops. Walks require discipline, and are stimulating. Did you know a Goldendoodle walk takes more energy than free playtime in the yard? Take time on your walks to practice basic commands such as sit, stay, heal and down.

Teaching Basic Commands: Teaching basic commands just takes practice. Using the same word and reinforcing with treats is a sure-fire way to get your puppy excited about learning commands. Goldendoodles are a hybrid and rank high in personality and intelligence, they are Brainiac’s. However, Goldendoodles need guidance. It will pay big dividends if you put the time in to teach your puppy skills and commands early in life. Enroll in a puppy class, or set aside 20 minutes in the morning and the evening to train independently. Setting aside time to train will guarantee a puppy who is obedient and bonded to you for life.

The One Year Mark: The biggest challenge for many people is the months prior to their Goldendoodles 1st Birthday. However, if you put your time in training, loving and socializing your puppy the rewards will be full of love. I always tell my clients the hard work is the first year!! You will wonder how could my doodle possibly get any better, but they do. This is a progression only a Goldendoodle owner understands, and around the three to four year mark your Goldendoodle will probably know what you are going to do before you do. Goldendoodles are extremely observant of their families, it just takes a couple years to get it figured out.

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