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Walking My Goldendoodle Puppy Starts Today!

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

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Goldendoodle Leash Training

Goldendoodle Puppy Leash Training

When should I start leash training my Goldendoodle puppy and what kind of collar and leash do I purchase? I have posted a recommended collar and leash for your 8 week old puppy, just check it out on the puppy list tab on my website. Your puppy needs a thin, lightweight leash. You can start leash training as soon as you take her home.

We all want our Goldendoodle to walk on the leash with out pulling. Of course, this is a dream of every dog owner. I have a few tips to share with you which will help you and your Goldendoodle.

Practice walking in your house where there are no distraction. A short 3 to 5 minute walk around the kitchen and living room is appropriate. Never allow your puppy to pull on the leash. This is the time you teach your Goldendoodle you want her to give good eye contact and walk next to you. If she gets ahead of you in the house then change directions. Mark her with a good girl and a treat when she is giving eye contact, loose leash and walking next to you or behind you.

Play a game: “Stop & Go.” This is how you play. Put your puppy on leash and prepare to go for a walk. Start moving in any direction you choose. The second your puppy puts tension on the leash, stop. Yep, do NOT move. Plant your feet and do not budge or allow your dog to drag you, not one inch. Ever. Wait until your puppy turns back toward you as if to say, “Hey! Why aren’t we moving?” You can play this game in your driveway or in your house.

As soon as she puts slack back in the leash, continue walking in a new direction. Your dog wants to go somewhere and walking is his reinforcement. Teach her you only move if there is slack in the leash. If she feels pressure on her collar, movement stops immediately. Have fun turn circles, walk around the tree, walk up on the deck. Keep your darling wondering what you are going to do next.

Patience and Consistency is the key. I know you are in it to win it so be competitive and wait her out if she pulls. Any training takes patience, however Goldendoodle puppies learn very quickly so each time will get easier.

Important - Walking and Running on leash are repetitive motions, which can be hard on your puppies hips and joints as they are growing and developing. Make sure you ask your vet what is an age appropriate distance for walks and runs. I get the question what about playing in the yard? Free play in the yard is not a repetitive motion.

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