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Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Exercise: Ready or Not?

Goldendoodles need exercise and do best in households which can provide stimulation, human contact and exercise. A Goldendoodle who gets plenty of exercise will be a well-adjusted, well behaved dog. Goldendoodles love to play fetch, go for lots of walks and crave human contact time. Make sure you check with your vet before you start taking your puppy for long walks and runs. It is important your puppies’ bones have developed before taking them on long walks and runs. Running in the yard or off leash is much different than jogging next to you. The difference is the repetitive motion and discipline it takes to be on a leash next to you. Fun fact, running on a leash is more stimulating than free play in the yard.

Personality Traits:

Survey results show most people describe their Goldendoodle traits as; loving, intelligent, funny, smart, goofy, playful, happy, pleasers, almost human, caring, sensitive, affectionate, friendly, energetic, and just an overall amazing dog. Who wouldn’t want to share their home with a Goldendoodle and after having one most people opt for two.

Goldendoodle Coats:

Depending on the genes Goldendoodles can have a straight coat, wavy coat or curly coat. The fur changes many times throughout the first year before getting their adult coat. Straight and wavy may be a little easier to maintain than a curly coat. The genetics will tell you if the coat will shed, shed lightly, or not shed at all. It is true a straight coat could be a non shedding doodle, but generally speaking the curlier the coat the less shed. It is important that one parent is always a standard doodle.


Due to the low shedding rate, the Goldendoodle tends to leave far less dander floating around as it gets trapped closer to the skin instead of falling off everywhere as hair is lost. Because of this, the Goldendoodle has a higher success rate for those with allergies.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you or someone in your family won’t have any allergic reactions or other issues. Feel free to consult Goldendoodlelou if you have concerns about allergies.

Goldendoodle Health:

The Goldendoodle takes on the best traits from both parent breeds, which is referred to as “hybrid-vigor”. This is a phenomenon created by a first generation breed between two unrelated breeds. The result of this is that many of the common ailments of the parent breeds will not be as common in the resulting breed. The best traits of each breed take over, and you’re left with an amazingly healthy breed.

Goldendoodle Trainability:

Poodles and Golden Retrievers are ranked in the top 5 smartest dogs. According to AKC the Poodle is known for its superior intelligence and exceptional learning ability. The Golden Retriever is friendly, intelligent, devoted and can maintain the puppyish behavior into adulthood. The Goldendoodle personality is a combination of the poodle and the golden retriever which in my opinion is the best of the best. Goldendoodles are easily trained and eager to please. They do need exercise and mind stimulation. Remember their living environment accounts for a high percentage of their personality. Imprinting and training are important.

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