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Goldendoodle Potty Training Tips

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

How long is it going to take me to potty train my Goldendoodle Puppy? This is one of the first questions Goldendoodle parents ask. Generally, speaking that depends on your parenting skills. Do you pick up on the puppy cues? Smelling, circling, squatting and going to a particular spot where an accident has happened in the past.

Our Goldendoodlelou puppies are on a strict feeding schedule which means they also have a schedule for doing their business. As a Goldendoodle parent it is wise to keep your puppy on a puppy schedule when you arrive in your home.

What does a goldendoodle potty schedule look like?

  • First thing in the morning – as soon as you let them out of their crate

  • Last thing at night

  • After playing indoors

  • Every time they spend time in the crate

  • When they wake up from a nap

  • After chewing on their bones

  • After eating

  • After drinking

Take a look at potty training your puppy tips in our FAQ Tab for more detailed information about potty training your Goldendoodle puppy.

Some Goldendoodles never have an accident in the house, and some have only a handful. Catching your Goldendoodle in the act is a good thing so you can reinforce the behavior wanted. Most Goldendoodle puppies will be potty trained at 3.5 months and 4 months tops.

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