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Mistakes in Socializing a Goldendoodle Puppy

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Common Mistakes of Socialization

1. Socialize as much as you can throughout the dogs life: Many people stop socialization as their Goldendoodle gets older. Make sure your puppy always has a pleasant experience and always set your puppy up for success. Always be proactive in creating positive socialization experiences.

2. Your Calm Voice: Did you know changing your voice changes puppy energy. Your puppy can feel your energy when they are on the leash, making sure you are calm in all situations gives the puppy the cues to follow your lead. If something scares you it can also imprint fear in your puppy. Overreacting in a situation and coddling your puppy when it is scared is a sure way to negatively imprint.

3. The Dog Park: Dog parks can be lots of fun, but make sure your dog has its vaccinations. Parvo can live in the ground for more than a year. Always monitor dog play at the dog park. Never let your puppy get bullied. Remember your puppy has a different energy than older dogs and sometimes older dogs don’t want to be bothered. Did you know dogs which get attacked can become aggressive later in life. If your puppy goes to doggy daycare make sure you get references.

4. The Pet Store: Pet stores often have issues similar to dog parks. If you decide to bring your puppy to the pet store then make sure you carry her at all times. Parvo can also be spread in a pet store.

5. Taking your puppy from their mother too soon: Vets and breeders recommend 7 to 8 weeks of age is the prime time for the puppy to meet their family. It is highly important for your puppy to be with its littermates and their mother. They learn so much from playing with their littermates such as what is acceptable and what is not.

6. Goldendoodle Experiences: Provide as many experiences as possible. The more the merrier! Your Goldendoodle will excel in life if you provide lots of experiences.

7. Crate Time: The first year your puppy needs to learn crate time is a pleasurable experience.

8. Goldendoodle Imprinting: Key socialization skills start on day 3 and continues throughout the puppy’s life. The brain is developing at a rapid rate as you can imagine your puppy depends solely on smell the first three weeks, then sight and lastly sound. Providing multiple opportunities for exposure to lots of smells, sights and sounds is key during the fundamental imprinting stages. Goldendoodlelou supports every stage of imprinting, just ask!

We also recommend Baxter and Bella for one-on-one consultation training tips. You can use to grab the coupon code or use this coupon code to goldendoodlelou25 which will give you unlimited access to training videos, consultations, and much more. I am always available to answer questions but this is another resource I feel is valuable for families. A lifetime membership is 178.00.

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