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Goldendoodle Puppy Training

Updated: Feb 8, 2021


Goldendoodles in my opinion are the perfect companion for just about anyone who wants a dog with a gentle heart. Goldendoodles are even great for people who have allergies. We have had people visit before making a deposit just to make sure our Goldendoodle's hair didn’t set off any allergy triggers. The Goldendoodle is the perfect combination of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Characteristics and traits can vary, but generally speaking a Goldendoodle is incredibly people-focused, easy to train and a true people pleaser.

Regardless of their sparkling loving personalities, they need to have a positive imprinting experience, which means lots of training and patience. Puppies go through many developmental stages the first year which makes it very important to consistently work on training. Remember your puppy is a blank slate, and we start the puppy imprinting on day 3. We are totally committed to the Goldendoodle training process while you puppy is in our care. With your dedication and guidance, your puppy will continue to learn the traits. and behaviors you value most. Are you looking for a running buddy, therapy dog or a family companion? Set your expectations and you won't be disappointed.


There are so many ways you can prepare for your puppy. First of all make sure you have the time to take care of your Goldendoodle puppy. It takes several hours a day to train and exercise your puppy, and it is a 7 day a week commitment. It is crucial the first year to be diligent, as proper imprinting will last a lifetime.

Puppies get anxious if they are left in a crate to long, which means you need to prepare a workable schedule for you and your Goldendoodle puppy. If you need creative ideas just ask Goldendoodlelou.

Don’t forget to put your crate in a spot which has easy access to outside. We always recommend a 42 inch crate or larger. Take a look at our puppy list to ensure you have all of the beginning necessities. Puppy list can be found on our Goldendoodlelou FAQ page.


Start working with your puppy and forming a bond. Stay positive, research shows positive reinforcement works, and negative reinforcement doesn’t. It is never a good idea to try to intimidate your puppy, and is a great idea to be calm and reward good behaviors. Staying calm and speaking in a calm voice will help your puppy develop into a calm mature adult. Acting excited or speaking in a high-pitched tone will only excite your puppy. It is best for the puppy to have a calm owner who shows boundaries and limitations.

Puppies are so eager to learn and you can start teaching your puppy to sit, and come on day one. Integrate positive reinforcement in your daily activities of going inside and outside, going in and out of kennel, and during feeding times. Daily activities are a natural way to integrate commands such as sit, stay, come, wait, potty, yes, or good. Your dog will increase its vocabulary the more you repeat command words. It is important to talk to your puppy, they do catch on. Remember, reward the good behavior and ignore the bad. Rewards can consist of treats, verbal praise and even clicker training.


Goldendoodles are simply amazing and they are truly social animals. They love to play with their owners and live their life to please you. They are the happiest when they are with their humans. It is our responsibility to help build their confidence so they are well adjusted adult dogs. It is important to expose your goldendoodle to as many environments as possible. They need to hear many different noises, and smell all kinds of aromas. Along with this introduce them to people and dogs of all ages.

It is especially important to make sure your dog is always in a safe and controlled environment. Although dog parks are great, you want to make sure you doodle is always safe. Dogs love to spend time with other dogs, and I love it when my Goldendoodles get to hang out with other well-behaved dogs. You don’t want your dog to have a bad experience with a dog or a person, so always be proactive.

Well behaved dogs have good manners and teaching manners on the first day is essential. Your Goldendoodle learns quickly from you what is acceptable. It may be cute when it is 6 pounds, but not 60 pounds. It is not appropriate for your doodle to jump on people, nip or be out of control. Well behaved dogs provide great models for you Goldendoodle puppy


Children and Goldendoodles certainly can create a bond that last a lifetime. It is important to remember that kids bring a different level of energy to the family. Dogs love energy and will feed off a humans excitement, high pitched voices and fast movements. Challenge you kids to be in command, and to ignore the Goldendoodle puppy when it is jumping. Ignoring a behavior could be turning your back and walking away. It is always a good idea for children to feed their Goldendoodle, and give them treats for good behavior. A Goldendoodle knows where its meal comes from, and respects the person who feeds it.

Remember, a relationship of trust is built with mutual respect, and children must respect their companion. If you want the relationship to be healthy make sure your child is giving the puppy lots of positive reinforcement, and provide a place for the puppy to relax without being bothered. Depending on the age of the child depends on how much guidance you need to give to both the child and the puppy. It is always key in the development of a puppy to keep it safe and secure.

Play interactive games with your kids and their Goldendoodle. One of our favorite games is Hide and Seek. Have the kids hide in the bathroom or behind the couch and say the word COME and the puppies Name. When the puppy finds the person give her a treat. You can also have the puppy chase your child while saying come. Always reward, and NEVER CHASE YOUR PUPPY.


Routines are important for people and dogs alike. Set your dog on a schedule so it gets accustom to eating, sleeping, waking and using the restroom at the same each day. It will be much easier for you to train your Goldendoodle if you keep a set routine. Playtime should also be included in this routine. This may include small walks or a game of fetch. Your Goldendoodle will quickly learn the routine. Lastly, just keep your positive attitude because there will be days when you question yourself. Commit to the challenge of raising an outstanding Goldendoodle, and you won’t be disappointed. I always say the first year takes work, but with consistent training you will have the most amazing Goldendoodle. You will have lots to celebrate on their 1st Goldendoodle birthday!!

Training is one of our passions, and it is truly heartwarming to see our puppies grow into successful adults. Please don’t hesitate to ask us about your training needs. Goldendoodlelou imprint training program.

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