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Goldendoodle Puppy Chewing Tips!

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Yikes, My Puppy is Chewing

Puppies are going to chew and they will chew on anything and everything, but you can control this. They certainly aren’t trying to make you angry. Part of growing into an adult is the puppy stage, and the just like babies puppies must cut teeth. Did you know puppies use their mouths to explore. Puppies chew out of boredom, and sometimes they just to release energy.

How Long Will My Goldendoodle Puppy Chew?

Your Goldendoodle puppy will need to start chewing as soon as you bring it home. They start losing their baby teeth at 4 months. Take a look at your puppies’ mouth and you will see missing teeth. As the new teeth start popping through the gum line your puppy will need to chew. This could last up to 8 or 9 months. Developing good chewing habits is a must.

A List of Suggestions to Keep Your Goldendoodle Puppy Busy. A Tired Puppy is A Well-Behaved Puppy!!

Offer a variety of chewing toys and treats. Toys should be hard and soft. If your puppy is chewing on a hard surface such as a chair leg then say NO, and give the expectation of what you want him to chew on, which is his hard bone or hard toy. We always need to give our puppy guidance as sometimes we say no, but don’t tell him what we want to him to do. Give hard toys when they are chewing on hard items and soft toys when they chewing on our personal soft items. Its never wise to let your dog chew on old shoes, socks or any of your personal items. Your Goldendoodle needs to understand he has his own toys. Your personal items are off limits!

Provide lots of exercise. This means daily walks on and off leash and you might even want to send your puppy to doggy daycare for a half or full day of play. This is certainly a way to allow your puppy to burn some energy, but make sure it has all of his vaccinations before enrolling.

Thinking up brain games to stimulate their minds. Games like hide and seek can be integrated into training. Have him work to figure out where a treat is hidden. A short training session working on commands is another fun activity to integrate when a puppy starts chewing.

Feeding meals at regular time also helps a puppy understand how the day will be scheduled. Taking crate breaks is also necessary. Treats such as USA bully sticks, Elk Bones and Beef bones are also great ideas. Check out my puppy list tab on this website for more of our favorite toys.

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