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Baxter And Bella Additional Training Tips for Goldendoodles

Goldendoodlelou Puppy Training Post 8 Weeks

Lessons, Videos, Live Professional Training for your GOLDENDOODLE!

Baxter and Bella puppy training Coupon Code Goldendoodle25

I set all of my Goldendoodlou puppies up for success, as I truly work hundreds of hours with your puppy before it goes home. I research and apply as much as possible in during the first 8 week imprint stage. After your puppy goes home I am always available to chat, and help with training tips. Just like you I constantly seek resources to increase my training methods, as I believe we should all be lifelong learners. I have recently been working through the Baxter and Bella online puppy school, and the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test Prep Course. Along with this the program has a six-week intermediate dog course. All of the courses are great for Goldendoodles. as we all know Goldendoodles love to be trained.

What is included:

· 65+ Step by Step Lessons

· One-On-One Professional Help

· Training Games, Activities And Field Trips

· Pet Parent Forum

· Video Archives

· Over 100 How to Videos

· Online Coaching Groups

· Printable Charts & Checklists

· Ask the Trainer FAQ’S

· Resource Library

Lifetime Unlimited Use of all resources:

178.00 if you use the coupon code goldendoodlelou25.

Enroll at with coupon code goldendoodlelou25

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